What this means for
your utility customers:

Not only does EBPP benefit your business, it also offers various benefits to your customers. Take a look at some of the benefits associated with implementing an EBPP system.

A few of the key features include:

  • Cost Savings for Utility and Customers
  • Time Savings for Customers
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Electronic Statements Look Exactly Like Printed
  • Statements can be stored in an online archive
  • Separate notice for statement and payment


Introducing Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)


The PCS EBPP solution is not a separate product, but more so an integrated set of services within the Connect billing application. Our solution is a low-cost method versus higher cost stand-alone EBPP solutions. If your utility is thinking about implementing an electronic billing and payment system, you are not alone. More and more utilities are realizing just how beneficial this solution can be.


EBPP benefits both the utility and your customers.

In today's tech-savvy age, it is important to keep pace with your customers' expectations for convenient, online billing and payment processes. If you don't have EBPP, it is definitely something you should look into. It's a technology that brings great benefits and potential cost savings to everyone involved.

EBPP Services Include:

  • Connect Customer Service Module
  • Connect Integrated Messaging (IM)
  • Connect Database of Statements Module
  • The Online Customer Web Portal
  • The Utility Statement Processor
  • Optional Mobile Customer Access (MCA)




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