Value to Utility:

  • Advanced Billing Determinants
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Hosting and Application Management
  • Scalability
  • Powerful Reporting and Query Engine
  • Proven Solution


Meter Data Management (MDM)


The foundation of a Smart Grid initiative is the implementation of an automated meter reading (AMR/AMI) solution. These solutions provide a wealth of reading, usage and event information. PCS recognizes a comprehensive Smart Grid initiative can be more than just the implementation of an AMR/AMI solution or Smart Meters.
To maximize the benefits of an AMR/AMI solution, a Meter Data Management (MDM) system should be implemented. The implementation of a MDM compliments an AMR/AMI solution. MDM solutions are designed to assist in managing the massive amounts of metering data from potentially multiple sources.


Key Benefits:

  • Ability to integrate and import from multiple AMR/AMI vendors providing a common data storage for all meter data
  • Ongoing validation, estimation and editing (VEE) of meter interval data
  • Near real-time handling of alerts, messages, and exceptions
  • Integration with other systems within the utility on a demand or near real-time basis
  • Powerful analytics based on near real-time data
  • Creating the billing determinants required for advanced billing functions such as critical peak, net metering, time of day, and other time-based rate
  • Empowering utility customers to make informed decisions on their energy usage

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with AMI and CIS applications
  • Large data storage capacity to retain years of historical data
  • Includes Validation, Estimation, and Editing (VEE)
  • Browser based: no other software required on workstations
  • Hosted for easy and affordable implementation
  • Scalable for any size of utility
  • Optional advanced analysis modules available (see back page)
  • Optimized data structures to provide fast analysis and reporting
  • Integration to mapping, outage and SCADA applications

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