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The Cashiering module manages the receipt of customer payments to the utility. Payments originating from walk-ins, drive through, drop box, mail, and remittance processors create payment batches. Batch groups are posted by deposit ticket. Thus, the audit trail from the posting group, deposit ticket, Cash Manager, and General Ledger (GL) entries are all driven by the originating batch group.


Key Features & Benefits of the Connect Cashiering Module

Unlimited Utility Defined Tender Types:

The tender types – cash, check, credit cards, money orders, gift certificates, etc. – accepted are based on utility defined setup. Each tender type can be recorded to the same GL account or to independent GL accounts.

PCS UtilitePCS Utilite

Input Payment

Cash Drawer Management and Control:

The cash entry is managed via cash batches. Each physical cash drawer has its own cash batch. Payments are entered in a batch edit mode and are then subsequently updated. The payments are left in edit to ease the process of correcting payment keying errors and to maintain a complete audit trail of any changes made to payments entered in the batch. The update process creates the actual transactions on the account. Prior to the update process, the pending payments are reflected throughout the application. For example, the balance displayed in the inquiry is reduced by the amount of this pending payment. Also, all delinquency processes reflect pending payments. Once the payments are updated, an adjustment is required to correct any payment error. Connect provides the tools to maintain a complete audit trail in conjunction with any or all adjustments made.

Updates Cash Manager/General Ledger:

Cash can be posted to Cash Manager/General Ledger on a daily basis regardless of the open periods in either Connect or Insight. The period to post is determined by the date of the payment entry, regardless of the current open period at that time.

Miscellaneous Receipt Review File:

Default accounting information (e.g. fund-sector-account, project, and task) is setup per miscellaneous cash receipt type. Miscellaneous cash receipts are posted to a clearing account with a review process within Insight enabling the cashier to take the payment, but giving the accounting department control over the entry prior to posting to the General Ledger.

Payment Allocation:

Connect incorporates an open items system for balance tracking. Payments and adjustments are applied to outstanding balances based on setup parameters dictated by the utility’s business rules. These setup parameters permit designating the order in which the payment is applied to the respective balances. The payment allocation setup parameters permit the utility to define a multi-tiered payment allocation rule. The default payment allocation can be overwritten for an individual account provided the operator (e.g. supervisor) has proper security rights.

Cashiering also Delivers:

  • Ability to accept credit cards and assess convenience fees
  • Ability to look up an account by all the same methods as the inquiry
  • Ability to select multiple accounts from the account lookup
  • Ability to see the breakdown of charges
  • Ability to print a receipt and endorse checks
  • Retention of date and time payment was entered, as well as the operator who accepted the payment