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Service Orders

The Service Order module is comprised of integrated service orders such as read-in, read-out, disconnect for nonpayment, reconnect, and meter change orders. Service orders may be generated either automatically or manually. The General Service Orders module provides for flexible user defined orders such as High Bill Complaints and Tree Trimming Request.


Key Features & Benefits of the Connect Service Orders Module

Service Order Wizard:

Service orders are initiated and maintained via the service order wizard. The wizard walks the operator through each step of the order. Steps of the wizard can be turned on/off to correspond to the utility’s business rules. An operator can use the next and previous buttons of the wizard or jump ahead or backwards as needed. A check mark indicates each step that has been completed. Validation upon completion of the wizard ensures that required information is entered.

Service Order Tracking:

Service order tracking within Connect provides the ability to maintain a detailed record of the steps in each order that are completed or need to be done (e.g. fees, permits, and right of ways). The next individual or department is notified when all prerequisite steps are completed so they can initiate their respective steps.

Credit Check:

Applicant’s credit history can be verified internally to the utility’s billing database, as well as externally. Once the applicant’s information is entered into the service order, one click of a button initiates seamless integration with ONLINE Utility Exchange for external credit checking. The credit report is displayed directly to the operator’s service order initiation screen.

Service Order History:

All service orders of an account are retained historically for future reference. Completion notes facilitate adding notes to the order subsequent to the completion of the service order.


A transactional history of landlords for a service location is retained. Auto (or leave on) landlord automates the process of activating a landlord account when a tenant moves out. Designating a landlord as an auto landlord enables the service(s) to be left on when a tenant moves out and automatically start billing the landlord account. If the service was read out for nonpayment, the landlord’s account is not automatically activated.

Crew Assignment:

Automated crew rules may be established to assign an order to an individual, group, or department.

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