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Key Features & Benefits of the Utilit-e Solution

Easy to Use Microsoft© Windows Interface:

Utilit-e Solutions applications are completely designed around Windows standards and maximize the use of Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI). This greatly simplifies data entry, queries, and data mining. With the Windows standards, modules are easy to use and learn. Within each module the user is allowed to have simultaneous frames open, keeping multiple modules active to improve productivity.

Scalable to Fit Any Size Organization:

Utilit-e Solutions architecture is designed to support either a small user count or organizations having hundreds of users. The scalability feature protects the investment of a utility as they grow and the needs of the organization change.

Integration between Modules:

The Utilit-e Solutions applications are fully integrated between modules, requiring transaction entry only once. All data to be shared with related modules is only a posting process away. For example, when an accounts payable voucher is entered and posted, data automatically flows to the General Ledger. If the accounts payable entry also involves a work order and project, the entry is also posted to the Work Order, Project Costing, and all related modules at the time of Accounts Payable posting. This makes the work flow accurate, efficient, and timely.

Reduced Need to Print Reports:

All transactional data is retained until deleted. Entries are assigned a Batch Number for grouping. Batches can be selected and reprinted at any time, reducing the need to print volumes of reports. This, in turn, reduces the storage necessary for outdated printouts.

Intuitive and Easy to Learn Data Entry and Processes:

Applications are designed to be easy to learn and easy to use: user-friendly. They work with the familiar standard Microsoft© Windows interface, allowing new users to rapidly become comfortable with the application. Screens are designed to permit a natural flow of data entry.

Accurate Information:

All information keyed in during data entry is stored in the database. The information is validated at the time of entry to insure timely data accuracy. Unlike many competitor solutions, Utilit-e Solutions not only maintains all transaction details, but also maintains intermediate computational details. This enables an enhanced audit trail second to none in the utility industry.

Timely Information:

Information entered and saved is immediately available for viewing and reporting within the module. When entries are posted, data is instantly and automatically available to all other modules with which the transaction interacts. This is just one example of the high level of system integration offering efficiency opportunities and immediate access of information on demand.

Export Reports:

Utilit-e Solutions has a built-in export feature to allow information to be shared with other third-party programs, such as Microsoft® Excel® or Microsoft® Word®. Third-party translator or proprietary programs are not required. Another capability enables the output of a report in HTML format to be published on the Web. Standard Adobe® Acrobat® Portable Document Format (PDF) reports are just a click away. Individuals can share vital up-to-date information quickly and efficiently.

Consistent Batch Handling:

Batches of entries in all modules are handled in a consistent method. Batch status includes:

  • Unposted – The entries are in edit format when the posting process has not been run.
  • Posted – The batch has been processed when the entries are read-only.
  • On Hold – On hold allows partial or incomplete entries to be keyed and saved.

Inquiry and Search:

Each Utilit-e Solutions module provides a comprehensive inquiry and search capability allowing access to the required information quickly and easily throughout the modules. It is easy to inquire from the General Ledger transaction detail back to the supporting source documents.

Quick Print:

By clicking the Quick Print button, Utilit-e Solutions modules enable the user to print the currently selected files from virtually every screen. This is a great “on-the-fly” printing feature.

User Documentation:

Utilit-e Solutions includes detailed and intuitive online user documentation to ensure success.

Easy Access to Data:

Utilit-e Solutions has in-depth on-screen data inquiry capabilities permitting drill-down for detailed and summarized transaction inquiries.

Built with Industry-Standard Tools:

All Utilit-e Solutions applications are built with open industry standard tools. Insight specifically is developed using Microsof®t SQL Server, Microsoft®.NET, and Business Objects Crystal Reports. Connect uses the same set of tools and adds additional Progress tools. These tools provide the latest in available technology providing for the best long-term investment for utilities.

Internet and Thin-Client Enabled:

The Internet is quickly becoming the backbone for conducting business. All Utilit-e Solutions applications can be deployed on the server using Windows Terminal Server (WTS) to the desktop. One of the goals of thin-client server is to allow secured access to applications by employees, customers, and vendors as required. WTS can be used efficiently as an in-house solution or as an Internet-based hosted solution with the PCS Utilit-e Central option.

MultiSpeak Compliant:

Insight has been developed using MultiSpeak specifications enabling Insight to communicate and interface with other MultiSpeak compliant software. MultiSpeak specifications were developed in collaboration between the Cooperative Research Network (CRN) of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) and a group of software vendors and consultants that serve the utility industry.

Embedded Technologies:

Utilit-e Solutions is bundled standard with Microsoft© SQL, WTS, and Progress RDBMS. This provides the lowest cost of acquiring these technologies and the lowest cost of on-going ownership. Since the technology comes embedded, the utility saves time and money not having to spend time purchasing, installing, setting up, configuring and managing these third-party technologies.