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E-mail Director

E-mail Director (ED) provides the powerful foundation for a utility to develop an automated outbound e-mail communication tool. Inputs for ED can be PCS applications, files generated in third-party products or even something as basic as a Microsoft© ExceL© spreadsheet. These files of e-mail addresses can then be matched and merged with predefined e-mail templates to form a robust communication tool. E-mails can be directed to customers, employees, vendors and other e-mail enabled applications. ED runs as a service within Windows and requires minimal system overhead and utilizes the existing company e-mail (SMTP-based) application resulting in a low upfront investment.


Key Features and Benefits of the E-mail Director Module

Multiple Ways to Create E-mails:

E-mail source files can be created through multiple methods. Utilit-e Connect has the ability to generate e-mail records based on events in the application. Examples include bill generation, payments and collections. Like Connect, PCS plans to add the same ability to Utilit-e Insight. In addition to these applications, manual lists can be created and stored in Microsoft© Excel, then interfaced with the module.

e-mail flowchartemail flowchart

E-mail flow chart

Standard or Custom Templates:

ED comes with a variety of e-mail templates allowing the utility to use the application immediately. The utility can also create additional custom templates by using a standard HTML editor.

Customize Delivery Schedules:

Individual e-mails can be scheduled to occur at a specific date and time, including off-peak hours. This allows e-mails to be scheduled in advance at predetermined times.

Activity Log and Error Reporting:

A system administrator can quickly review activity logs to monitor processes to ensure e-mails are properly handled by the module. Errors are flagged and can be quickly reviewed allowing the administrator to take corrective action.

Create Eye–Catching E-mail Campaigns:

With ED, utility generated e-mail addresses can be merged with stunning HTML e-mail templates, providing for a professional communication tool for customers, vendors, employees, etc.

Update Standard E-mail Fields:

The module provides for populating the standard e-mail fields of the following: From, Send-To, CC, BCC and Subject fields.

Add Personalized Fields to E-mails:

ED provides the ability to pass up to ten additional parameter fields to the e-mail template allowing for maximum flexibility. Examples include such data as customer name, due date, balance information and even notes so the appropriate contact-specific data populates the e-mail.

Custom E-mail Template Design Service:

PCS can create a custom HTML e-mail template for each utility and add to the list of custom templates. This allows the utility to create a communication tool reflecting the utility theme, brand, and style.

email notificationemail notification

E-mail Notification

Configurable Company Setup:

The system administrator can set policies allowing the utility to configure the application to meet the utility’s business requirements.