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Utilit-e Solutions Reporting

In generating reports, PCS implements Crystal Reports, which is the world leader in report generation and data mining tools. Crystal Reports can easily deliver rich, interactive content from a variety of data sources. Output can be viewed on screen, printed to a laser printer, published to the Web, or integrated with other third-party applications. Utilit-e Solutions Reports provides powerful reporting and query capabilities for both novice and experienced users, including the ability to select, analyze, summarize, and present data in almost any way imaginable – without requiring programming knowledge.

Crystal Reports is the primary report generation tool for all PCS applications and modules. Each module includes a series of standard reports. The standard properties of each report can be customized to meet specific business requirements. With the PCS Report Object Interface (ROI), data selection criteria can be changed for the standard reports and save the selections for later access.


Key Features and Benefits of Utilit-e Solutions Reporting

Database Access and Security Features:

With the PCS reporting solution, data can be analyzed with multi-pass reporting (for example, a first pass to compute totals and a second pass to compute a percentage of totals) and unlimited sorting. It allows for easy access to data, as well as integrates queries from other databases into a single report.

Integration with Microsoft Office and Third-party Applications:


Security Features

The reporting solution provides the ability to export and integrate with Microsoft© Office applications. Reports can be created and published in a variety of formats including Microsoft© Word, Microsoft© Excel, Access, plain text, PDF, Rich Text Format (RTF), and a variety of other formats. Once created, the report can be output to a laser printer, disk file, e-mail, the Web, or directly to the screen.

Database Connectivity:

Access is now available to a variety of data sources including Insight and Connect. Other data sources include Microsoft© SQL compliant databases, such as Microsoft© SQL Server, Microsof©t Access, dBase, FoxPro, and other ODBC and OLEDB compliant databases.

Database Integrity:

Crystal Reports can access information from a data source in a read-only mode. This allows 100% database integrity to be maintained at all times.

Display Reports to Screen:

All reports (with the exception of checks and limited special forms) can be previewed to the screen.

Utilit-e Solutions Reporting also Delivers:


  • Ability to search the report for specific information.
  • Each report has individual security.
  • Ability to print a selected page, range, or entire report.
  • Create powerful drill-down reports.
  • Ability to create custom filters.
  • Save user-defined filters for later use.

The Crystal Report Developer Can:


  • Royalty-free runtime allows reports to be run from Insight and Connect without requiring Crystal Reports to be installed on the personal computer.
  • Create new reports and add to the menu.
  • Create subreports based on reports.
  • Modify standard reports.
  • Create unlimited new reports.