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Employee Portal

Empower employees, reduce the paper shuffle, and increase the efficiency of the Human Resource and Payroll departments by implementing the PCS Employee Portal. The Employee Portal was developed to be an extension of the Human Resource and Payroll departments by providing employees with on-demand access to their personal information. It provides anywhere or anytime access to a self-service portal where their day-to-day questions can be answered.

Many Parts, One Great Solution

The Employee Portal consists of several areas, which include Employee Home Page (EHP), Employee Information Display (EID), Employee Time Entry (ETE), and Employee Documents (EDS). EHP provides an area for the employee to register and receive permission to access the site. EHP also provides for Company announcements, RSS feeds (news and websites), and a central area to launch to other modules.

Key Features:

  • Cloud application - no hardware to purchase, manage, or maintain
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Safe and secure with SSL encryption and security roles defined by the utility
  • Integrated to the Utilit-e Insight Payroll module by secure web services
  • Up-to-date and accurate information for employee to view
  • Frees up time by automating manual processes such as time entry
  • Creates employee ownership of their personal Information
  • Green application reduces paper shuffle
  • Utility has control of which employees have access and to which areas
  • Launch portal from the utility website or other application


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