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Accounts Payable

Insight Accounts Payable (AP) provides the tools a utility requires to accurately track expenditures relating to vendors and when invoices are due for payment. Insight is specifically designed for utility companies where the need to track cost centers (Sectors), Work Orders, and Projects is paramount. The utility benefits by seeing the immediate effect of payments owed to vendors. Vendor information can be tracked for current invoices and checks, and for an unlimited amount of history. The utility has instant access to vendor and invoice information.

Insight tracks vendor invoices, debit and credit memos, and writes checks in addition to recording manual checks, wire transfers, and voided checks. All of these functions are seamlessly integrated with General Ledger, Cash Manager, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Project Costing, Transportation, and other subsidiary modules. Insight provides an extensive report library detailing Accounts Payable functions.


Key Features & Benefits of the Insight Accounts Payable Module

Powerful Data Entry and Inquiry:

The user can reduce time entering Accounts Payable invoices by setting vendor defaults. Information relating to the invoice can be defaulted during invoice entry, saving time and improving accuracy.

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Account Inquiry

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Employee History Inquiry

Invoices can be distributed to an unlimited number of Funds (electric, water, etc.),Sectors (departments, cost centers, etc.), GL accounts, Work Orders, and Projects. AP automatically handles inter-fund balancing; no manual balancing of entries is required. AP allows inquiry on detailed Accounts Payable batches and detailed posting to the General Ledger.

Efficient Processes:

Insight Accounts Payable provides integrated and efficient control over the entire accounts payable process. An invoice can be tracked from the time of entry, through check disbursement, to clearing the bank. Debit and credit memos can also be entered to update vendor balances and all associated Insight modules.

Comprehensive Reporting:

Insight Accounts Payable provides a variety of standard reports, including batch listing (summary and detail), GL account distribution (summary and detail), remittance advice, unpaid vouchers, vouchers, vender balance by period, check registers, and more. Many reports have extended reporting options, including customization and the ability to sort, select, and filter on key fields referenced by a report.

At year-end, 1099-MISC laser forms can be printed for vendors. Insight Accounts Payable supports multiple 1099 years and 1099 boxes, as well as a default 1099 box for each 1099 vendor.

Policies Provide the Flexibility to Fit the Utility Business:

Policy settings allow Insight to function the way the utility operates. Policies include settings, such as the current fiscal period, integration settings, starting batch numbers, warning on duplicate invoice numbers,and check properties.

Accounts Payable also Delivers:

Vendor Information:

  • Flexible 10-alphanumeric vendor identification structures for meaningful information.
  • Maintains complete vendor information, including e-mail address, remittance addresses, and purchase order address.
  • Record and save an unlimited number of vendors and transactions.
  • New vendors and General Ledger accounts can be added "on-the-fly" during transaction entry.
  • Vendor grouping by class for meaningful reporting and check writing.
  • Default Fund, Sector, General Ledger expense account, tax exempt, and 1099 default box can be defined on a vendor-by-vendor basis.

General Features:

  • Multi-fund support with automatic inter-fund entry generation when required.
  • Ability to view vendor history and drill down to original invoice entry screen.
  • All system-generated reports can be displayed to screen, sent to a laser printer, or exported to a variety of formats.
  • Integrates with the Cash Manager module.
  • Ability to void a check.
  • Export Accounts Payable information to a variety of formats including Microsoft© Excel, comma-separated value, ASCII, Microsoft© Access, Microsoft© Word, and many others.
  • Pull information from Purchase Order receipt into Accounts Payable voucher entry.
  • Ability to record invoice for special equipment purchases and automatically update Plant Assets module.
  • Automatic posting to General Ledger, Cash Manager, Work Orders, Project Costing, Transportation, and Plant Assets modules.
  • Allow posting of invoices to current or future periods based on security rules.
  • Import credit refund information from billing system to produce refund checks from Accounts Payable.
  • Unlimited invoice detail and unlimited Accounts Payable history.
  • Tracks vendor credits as open credits or as negative invoices.
  • Ability to account for use tax.
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Payable Voucher Entry


  • Voucher payment can be selected by all invoices, all invoices by vendor, selected invoices, vendor class, or invoices by due date.
  • Preview checks prior to printing on check stock.
  • Allows entry of handwritten (manual) checks and wire transfers.
  • Tracks voided checks.
  • Issues a check on demand.
  • Delete and/or void and rerun entire or partial check run.
  • Void process marks check and reinstates the invoice.
  • Prints fully customizable checks in laser format.
  • Optionally prints one check for each invoice per vendor.
  • Can be printed on blank check stock using MICP printing components.
  • Automated clearing of checks from an electronic bank file.
  • Option to pay invoices via ACH rather than a paper check.