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Inventory (IN) tracks the receipt and issuance of inventory from a warehouse or multiple warehouses. Receipts can be generated from within the Purchasing module or directly from within the Inventory module. Inventory can be issued to general ledger maintenance accounts, work orders, and projects. Inventory sales can occur through the Accounts Receivable module. Rural Utilities Service (RUS) assembly units are also tracked in the Inventory module.


Key Features & Benefits of the Insight Inventory Module

Seamless Integration:

Inventory transactions are integrated instantly with several Insight modules including Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable, Work Orders, Accounts Receivable, Project Costing, Transportation, and General Ledger.

Extensive Inventory Tracking:

Inventory allows for the capability to maintain many types of inventory. Examples of inventory types include construction inventory, resale inventory, truck parts and supplies, and expensed items (minor items expensed upon purchase).

Inventory Issues to Work Orders:

Inventory allows the issue of inventory to work orders using either a transaction entry screen in the Inventory module, or a more automated pick list procedure generated in the Work Order module. One or both methods can be used to best fit the utility’s procedures.

Physical Inventory:

Ability to enter physical inventory counts and update inventory quantities and values and create General Ledger journal entries. Inventory allows for cycle counts of selected inventory items as well as an annual physical count.


A variety of reports are available to assist in managing the control of inventory. Inventory reports allow the utility to have instant access to the following reports including: stock levels, balance report, sales prices, reorder points, detailed batch and transaction reports, warehouse quantities, and physical inventory count sheets.

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Item Maintenance

Bar Code Integration:

An option is to use a bar code scanner to create purchase orders, receipts, download pick lists, issue materials to work orders, maintenance jobs, and create physical inventory counts. The scanner uses WI-FI connection to seamlessly integrate to Insight Inventory and Purchasing modules.

Inventory also Delivers:

  • Inventory item numbers may be defined with up to 20 alpha numeric characters.
  • User defined transaction codes exist to assist data entry for those staff members who may not be familiar with GL accounts.
  • Allows for multiple warehouses, and bins within warehouses.
  • When integrated with the Purchase Order module, the system tracks purchase date, cost, and vendor catalog numbers per purchase.
  • Assembly units used in conjunction with the Work Order module are maintained in the Inventory module.
  • Ability for purchase and sale of serial numbered items.
  • Issues, receipts, and adjustments are automatically interfaced with General Ledger and other appropriate modules.
  • Unlimited definition of units of measure such as each, feet, or pounds.
  • Tracks and reports if an inventory item falls below a reorder point and the suggested reorder quantity.
  • Automatically updates inventory quantities and value from purchase order receipts.
  • Integration of inventory items to Work Order Staking Sheets and Accounts Receivable Sales Orders.