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Payroll (PR) is a comprehensive and flexible labor and payroll application. The Payroll module supports a wide-variety of earnings types, deductions, benefits, taxes, and employer-paid expenses. An employee’s net pay can be distributed via a paper payroll check or by electronic direct deposit. Expenses can be allocated to the General Ledger accounts, Work Orders, Projects, and Transportation Units where employees record their time.

The Payroll module handles advanced payroll requirements including multiple pay rates, multiple special pay types, unlimited deductions, multiple user-defined benefit accruals, 401(k) and other pension withholdings, and many additional advanced features. Company-paid benefits can be allocated to direct labor accounts, work orders, and projects automating what otherwise can be a complex manual process. Paid leave accruals can be set up and tracked for leave management purposes. Payroll also calculates and prints W-2 forms (paper & electronic file), handles direct deposit, and generates a variety of inquires and standard reports.


Key Features & Benefits of the Insight Payroll Module

Time Sheets:

Time sheets are configurable based on policies and employee setup. Twelve different time sheet entry fields are configurable through Policy Settings to form a “customized” time sheet entry screen appropriate for individual utilities. Choices to enable, skip, hide, or default individual fields are possible. Time sheets enable easy entry for those groups of employees working on the same work order or general ledger account.

Policies Provide the Flexibility to Fit the Utility



The policies can be set when initializing the Payroll module. Policy settings allow Payroll to function the way individual utilities operate.


Payroll allows automatic handling of multiple fund time sheet entries. If an electric employee works on a water job, Payroll appropriately tracks each fund’s costs and liabilities.

Real-Time Posting:

Real-time processing of Payroll entries, as entered and posted, keeps Payroll current and automatically updates the other modules. For example, Work Orders will immediately display labor costs after a time sheet has been posted.

Employee Time Entry:

The Employee Time Entry module allows the utility employee the ability to enter their time through an easy to use web-based time sheet. Once time has been entered for the payroll period, the employee can submit their time for approval, then route to the PCS Utilit-e Insight Payroll module where the time can be reviewed and included in the Payroll module. .

Direct Deposit:

Up to five different bank / account combinations may be assigned for each employee’s distribution via an industry standard, National Automated Clearinghouse Association (NACHA) compliant file for transmission to the client’s processing bank.

PCS UtilitePCS Utilite

Employee History Inquiry

Benefit Tracking:

Payroll allows flexible setup capabilities for paid time-off benefits. Accrual rates can be based upon longevity or fixed rate. Limits on carryover to succeeding years are defined for each benefit. Complete tracking of both hours and dollars for benefit accruals are tracked at the employer and the employee levels. The GL liability is automatically restated when pay raises take affect.

Payroll also Delivers:

General Features:

  • User access rights and security can be applied to all Payroll screens and reports.
  • Multi-fund support with automatic inter-fund entry generation.
  • Total integration with all other modules to appropriately update the General Ledger, Cash Manager, Work Orders, Project Costing, and Transportation.

Employee Information and Setup:

  • Maintains complete employee payroll information including associated deductions, benefits, and employer-paid expenses.

Employee Inquiry:

PCS UtilitePCS Utilite

Deduction Maintenance

  • See earnings, taxes, deductions, benefits, and employer expenses per employee for any payroll check, including prior years.
  • See vacation earned and taken, overtime, etc. per payroll check as well as totals for the year.
  • "Quick Print" available from inquiry to distribute to employee if needed.

Employee Portal:

  • Employee Information: Employee on-demand access to their personal information, company announcements and news feeds.
  • Employee Time Entry: Eliminates manual keying of employee's time and approval. Integrated with the Insight Payroll module.
  • Documents: Storing of Human Resource related documents for employee viewing.


  • Extensive set of payroll reports to view on screen, send to file, or print hard copy. All reports available for not only current year, but all prior years as well.
  • Several electronic reports available for transfer to third parties such as Social Security Administration (electronic W-2’s), NRECA, state unemployment agencies, etc.
  • Reports available to reconcile Payroll to the GL, reconcile benefits to GL liability accounts, etc.

End of Period Processing:

  • Extensive end-of-period benefit allocation functionality.
  • Complete spreading of user-defined clearing accounts, automatically updating General Ledger accounts, Work Orders, and Projects entered.

Check Processing:

  • Complete preview of all check run data and the ability to individually handle printing errors without rerunning the entire Payroll.
  • Easily edit employee deductions prior to check writing.
  • Produces 941 Worksheet.
  • Special payroll runs to accommodate bonuses, paid out vacation, final paycheck, etc.
  • Laser payroll checks, with optional ability to print on blank check stock using MICR printing components.
  • Ability to keep, delete, or void all checks or individual checks in a check run.