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Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders (PO) handles the ordering and receipt of both inventory and non-inventory items. Purchase Orders automates the purchasing process from purchase order creation through receipt of goods. Requisitions and vendor price quotes can be generated with the ability to turn an accepted quote into a purchase order. The Insight Purchase Order module permits easy access to e-mail, mail, or fax an order to a vendor. Once the goods are received, a receipt entry into Purchase Orders automatically updates Inventory and aids in the creation of the Accounts Payable invoice.


Key Features & Benefits of the Insight Purchase Orders Module

Powerful Quoting:

Purchase Orders allows for price quotes of material from multiple vendors. Informed decisions on either the approval or rejection of the quoted item can easily be made by comparing price quotes from different vendors. Approved items can be automatically converted to a purchase order without requiring duplicate data entry.

Security during PO Process:

Security within Purchase Orders allows for strict controls and high flexibility on user functions. Security permits users to enter, print, edit, and approve or reject purchase orders.

Requisition Control:

Purchase Orders permits entry of requests for material or services via the Purchase Orders Requisition screen. This allows a manager extended control in approving internal requests for purchases.


The Purchase Orders module is equipped with a variety of purchasing and receiving reports, as well as a purchase order form that can be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to a vendor.

Powerful Notes Feature:

The Purchase Orders entry screen has an extensive notes feature. Each purchase order line item may have a note of almost unlimited length entered. A note may be attached to the overall purchase order as well. These can be printed on the purchase order form if desired.

Price Variance Check:

Purchase Orders has the ability to check price variance during receipt entry compared to last cost or average cost.

Landed Cost:

The Purchase Orders module enables the entry of freight and handling charges, which can be spread to purchase order line items, to arrive at an item’s landed cost.

Policies Provide the Flexibility to Fit the Business:

The Purchase Orders module policies can be set when initializing the module. Policy settings enable Purchase Orders to function in the way the utility operates. An example is the ability to manually assign PO numbers or have the system automatically assign PO numbers.

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Purchase Orders

As a receipt of inventory items is posted, the inventory item is updated with not only quantity and cost, but also purchase date, vendor, catalog number, etc. This builds a purchase history for each inventory item.

Purchasing also Delivers:

  • Allows tracking of PO quantities on back order.
  • Purchasing an item in a unit of measure different from the inventory unit of measure.
  • Record receipt of a PO on an item-by-item basis.
  • Immediate update of purchasing data to Inventory and General Ledger.
  • Quick Print of a purchase order during entry.
  • Purchase order form is a Crystal Report, allowing the form to be easily modified to the utility’s desired format.
  • Unlimited PO detail and distribution detail.
  • Accepts multiple shipping addresses for a bill-to address and a separate ship-to address.
  • Real-time updating of PO's and receipts