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Transportation (TR) tracks expenses and usage of vehicles, with the ability to allocate expenses to where the vehicles were used. General Ledger, Departments and Accounts, Work Orders, and Projects are updated with the allocation process. Usage can be stored in miles and/or hours, and can be automatically updated from Payroll time sheets. Expenses such as fuel repairs and parts can be categorized. TR can be automatically updated from Accounts Payable voucher entry, Payroll time spent servicing vehicles, and Inventory items issued for the upkeep of vehicles. Vehicle analysis reports are available showing detailed information, such as cost per mile or hour assisting management in monitoring vehicle expense and determining when a vehicle should be replaced.


Key Features & Benefits of the Insight Transportation Module

Comprehensive Cost Collection:

Transactions entered with a truck number in subsidiary modules such as Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Inventory are automatically updated to the Transportation module at the time the transaction is posted. This allows the module to accurately reflect vehicle costs and usage at any point in time. It also eliminates the need to track these expenses in a separate accounting solution.

Allocation of Transportation Costs:

The module is capable of spreading transportation costs to where the vehicle or equipment was actually used. Each vehicle, or class of vehicles, can be allocated based on an allocation formula. This process saves the operator valuable time by automatically spreading transportation expenses to general ledger accounts, work orders, and projects to which vehicle usage was recorded.


As depreciation is calculated monthly in the Fixed Assets module, the depreciation expense per vehicle is automatically updated to the Transportation module.

Cost Control:

Transportation collects the cost of operating vehicles and equipment. Cost of fuel, oil, depreciation, repairs, license, and other operation costs are collected and available for query and reporting. Cost reporting is available on a period-to-date, year-todate or life-to-date basis. Vehicles and equipment can be analyzed for cost per hour and cost per mile for the periods selected. This provides valuable insight for the cost of operating each vehicle and determining when it is time to replace each unit.

Timely Information:

Transportation provides timely inquiry and reporting capabilities assisting the utility in managing the fleet of vehicles and equipment tracked by the module.

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Unit Maintenance

Transportation also Delivers:

  • Unlimited number of expense categories can be maintained on a vehicle.
  • Ability to track multiple transportation clearing accounts within the module such as service pickups, large trucks, and power operated equipment.
  • Tracks mileage, hours of use, or both.
  • Ability to attach fixed expenses such as depreciation or insurance costs to each vehicle.
  • Costs not attributable to one specific vehicle can be treated as overhead and allocated across all vehicles.
  • Track manufacturer information such as model, year and manufacturer number.
  • Track purchase information about a vehicle.