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About Professional Computer Systems, Co.

Mission Statement

To assist utilities to be successful by providing high-quality solutions.

Company Information

PCS specializes in delivering high-tech application software to the utility industry. PCS offers multi-company, multi-service capable Customer Information Systems, Financial Accounting System including Work Orders, and e-Commerce software solutions. PCS serves clients throughout the United States from Alaska to the East Coast including Bermuda. A primary goal of PCS is to function in partnership with its clients, assisting them in managing their computerized software needs.

PCS truly believes in working for the client in partnership. The PCS mission statement is “to assist utilities to be successful by providing high-quality solutions.” PCS provides these solutions; then backs them up with the best service and support in the industry, striving not only to meet, but also exceed their business needs. PCS has been in the business of delivering solutions to the utility industry since 1981.  Many companies can provide a canned application, but PCS also provides customizations and client initiated software development. It is the partnership between the companies PCS serves and the employees of PCS that has molded the Company into what it is today.

PCS encourages their clients to participate in how they can be better served. Annual user group meetings, regional user group meetings, and training classes at PCS allow the PCS clients to come together for training, review new software, share ideas on software enhancements, and discuss future products. Quarterly user letters, monthly electronic updates, and the PCS Web site offers clients the news of the industry and provides information on PCS’ product direction and future product development.

PCS applications are uniquely geared and designed to be an Open System and integrate with best of breed third-party applications. PCS currently works with a wide variety of AMR, IVR, cashiering, engineering, and bill presentment companies. All of these features are tied into the traditional billing, credit and customer tracking systems. The result of this effort is a suite of applications capable of being tied to third-party products matching the business requirements of the utility.

As an open system provider, PCS is participating in the national effort sponsored by CRN (Cooperative Research Network) called MultiSpeak. This effort is specifically focused towards integration of provider applications related to the utility industry. Companies in these efforts include CIS, mapping, IVR, engineering analysis, and other utility solution providers. This strategy delivers greater flexibility to the utility and is possible through integrating best of breed solutions.

PCS offers Utilit-e Solutions, a suite of premier products for the utility industry. The Suite includes: Utilit-e Connect, a Customer Information System (CIS) and Billing application, Utilit-e Online, an e-Commerce solution, Utilit-e Insight, a comprehensive Financial Accounting solution which includes multi-company, multi-service capabilities, and Utilit-e Central, an innovative application software delivery system.