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PCS 3rd Party Vendor Partners

Active Data Systems Logo

Active Data Systems SInce 1982, Active Data Systems has been providing solutions in technical efficiency to organizations large and small. From enterprise level Document Management Systems to scanning services, automated paperless workflow to disaster recovery, corporate compliance programs to network design and maintenance, ADS strives to be on the leading edge of technology!

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CRC Logo

CRC is a nationwide, cooperatively owned and operated, 24/7 contact center, central station, and software provider. Founded in 1992, CRC has steadily increased the size and scope of its operation with offices currently in Austin, MN, Dunlap, TN, and Abilene, TX. CRC provides services to electric utilities, including energy dispatching, customer care, and monitoring of security and medical alarms including video verified substation monitoring. CRC serves over 300 members and associate members in 41 states, representing nearly 4.8 million consumers.

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Dairyland Logo

Dairyland Printing & Mailing Services is part of Dairyland Power Cooperative, a G&T located in La Crosse, WI. The department operates as a service bureau which specializes in providing services to cooperatives, municipals, and other utilities. They currently process laser statement printing and mailing for 40 clients and graphics and print shop services for 75 clients.

They have over 35 years of experience and pride themselves in their ability to produce high quality, low cost products and services,
along with top-notch, personal customer service.

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Go To Dell.com Logo

DELL Computer Corporation manufactures a wide range of personal computers, servers, accessories and services.

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Fisher Utility Solutions (FUS) was formed to aid utilities in the implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Its founder John Fisher, has over 25 years of experience having consulted with over 120 utiilties nation-wide. FUS offers consulting, integration and software services to meet the specific needs of the utility.

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GeoDigital International (formerly Powel Inc.) provides software solutions to help utilities boost profitability and customer service to entirely new levels. The company's modular Utility Decision Support Platform (UDSP) is the first solution to provide instant, universal access to the information utilities need to
optimize business results. GeoDigital is a world leader in work order automation,
staking (field design) software, and office-based utility decision support applications.

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GridFirst Logo

GridFirst is a subsidiary of Halcyon Consulting, a software solutions company headquartered in Baltimore, MD. They offer energy management solutions and provide custom development services across multiple vertical markets and through partnerships with industry leading companies like PCS.

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iAssist Logo

iAssist™ is a storeroom based transaction system using a handheld scanner with software to collect transactions and an administrative web portal to manage those transactions. iAssist supports real-time synchronization with PCS Insight Interface to provide administrators and lineman with up-to-date information regarding their inventory stock. Click on the link below to learn more about iAssist and to schedule your demonstration.

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IDS Logo

Integrity Data Solutions (IDS) MOBILETrak Wireless Materials Management for PCS' utilities offers real-time inventory control at the point of activity. MOBILETrak integrates directly with the PCS application through web services. Using wireless handheld computers, MOBILETrak captures data at the point of use in the warehouse and integrates it directly to PCS real-time. Physical Inventory, Item Inquiry, Warehouse Transfter, CYcle Counts, Receibing, Work Order Pick, Material Charge/Return.

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Meridio Logo

Meridio: Powerful and intuitive engineering and operations software platform paired with on-site training and remote support to achieve project success. Map without needing GIS specialists. Build, maintain, and leverage reliable network models and easily manage your entire construction, warehouse and service processes. Increase safety and restore outages faster with tablets equipped with map viewers and network models, live AMI data and ticket communication. Most clients opt for our unique "All-in" subscription model that completely eliminates any upfront costs by combining: tablets, services, software, support and hosting into one simple monthly or annual cost.
Worth a look, in fact if you join us for a demo and you don't' think Meridio's software is the most powerful, intuitive and affordable E&O suite, then lunch or food at your next safety meeting is on us.

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Microsoft Certified Professional Logo

Microsoft Corporation is a leading producer of development tools for client
and server-based programming. PCS is constantly turning to Microsoft for new
software development solutions.

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Milsoft Utility Solutions Logo

Milsoft's mission is to develop engineering applications for the electric utility
marketplace. Milsoft applications are currently being used by over 500 utilities and
consultants in the US and abroad. Milsoft Integrated Solutions, Inc. is recognized as the industry leader.

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mPower Logo

mPower Innovations provides cost-effective GIS, Outage Management, Asset Management and Smart Grid Integration Solutions for small and mid-sized utilities. Our software provides easy system integration and helps our customers put “smart maps” in the hands of their personnel.

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MultiSpeak Logo

MultiSpeak is a built-in interface to let software communicate information seamlessly between other vendor software applications and is a collaborative
effort on the part of the Cooperative Research Network (CRN), a service of the
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. Any application the carries the
MultiSpeak logo will be able to communicate with other applications featuring

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Onine Utility Exchange Logo

ONLINE Utility Exchange screens new service applicants and checks credit ratings and is available via integration with the PCS Utilit-e Connect customer service module. The ONLINE Utility Exchange solution evaluates three specific areas: whether the applicant is who they say they are or is committing application fraud;
a deposit decision based on the credit risk posed by the applicant; and whether
the applicant has been written-off by other ONLINE Exchange members.

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Payment Processing Incorporated Logo

Payment Service Network (PSN) is located in Madison Wisconsin. PSN is a qualified Level 1 Payment Service Provider, and they are able to provide competitive pricing on fees charged by credit card companies which may lower costs for PCS clients. PSN will qualify governments, municipalities and consumer owned utilities for special utility rates when the organization meets criteria set forth by credit card companies. And if other utility departments want to use PSN for payment processing, they too will receive special rates wherever possible.

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SonicWall Logo

SonicWALL, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures comprehensive
Internet security solutions that are used by companies of all sizes to both protect their networks and provide secure remote access connectivity.

PCS has Certified SonicWALL Security Administrators on staff.

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Utilismart Logo

Utilismart Corporation has created and operates their own secure, cloud-based MDM along with a wide range of AMI software solutions and data services for Utilities, Municipalities, Industrial, Commercial and Residential consumers. Utilismart provides information needed to make informed business decisions about electricity, water and gas in the SmartGrid marketplace. Utilismart collects, validates, securely stores and presents SmartGrid data. The Utilismart Software As A Service (SaaS) delivery model helps customers save money by lowering the initial application costs for both software and hardware, providing painless upgrades, offering seamless integration and increasing the adoption rate due to the ease of using the browser based cloud solution.

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Wright Imaging logo

Wright Imaging Solutions is an electronic document imaging, mailing and e-billing service bureau. Outsourcing the process of critical time-sensitive applications reduces costs for office space, staff, equipment, postage and allows the customer to concentrate on their business at hand knowing that the quality of their communication continues to enhance their company image.

Wright Imaging Solutions 's mission "is to improve the quality, accuracy, and
delivery of our customers communication at reduced costs".

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