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System Manager

System Manager establishes the structure for PCS applications. System Manager primarily provides for the management of users, passwords, access rights, menu control, report management, application policies and license key control. System Manager is a prerequisite for Utilit-e Insight and Utilit-e Connect.

Security within all modules can be authorized for each screen (with various levels per screen) and each report. Security levels can be assigned to a single user or a group of users. Policies define system wide settings for the application, including location of data and reports, system defaults, application parameters, and company information. The system administrator has extensive control over menu content with the ability to launch PCS applications, third-party applications, documents, spreadsheets, websites and user generated reports.


Key Features and Benefits of the System Manager Module

Extensive Multi-level Security:

Security can be implemented for each application, module, process, screen, and report at the user level. The system administrator can define if the user can view, add, edit, delete, post, or even have access to run a report. Users can even be assigned security rights to access objects on the screens.

Flexible User Grouping:

Users can be defined as“groups” so a user can easily be set to group level security. This allows a user to quickly be added to a group instead of setting up security on an individual user basis. An individual user in a group can have additional individual security rights. A user can be assigned to a group within seconds to allow quick access as needed.

Customizable Menu System:

Standard menus are arranged to follow the normal flow of daily and monthly work. However, menu items can be moved and new menu items can be added. Reports can be placed in the menu in any order desired.

Menu Configuration:

The system administrator has the ability to add options to the Actions and Reports tab for each menu. Each menu item can call an executable within the application, an external executable such as a third-party application, an associated application such as a spreadsheet or document, a URL such as a website, a Crystal Report, or a state-aware executable. This powerful menu system allows for extensive applications and documents to be available within a few clicks for the user.

State Aware Menu Interface (SAMI):

PCS provides for a powerful feature within the application called SAMI. An example is in the Customer Service module; while viewing a customer’s account, a third-party application can be launched. In launching the program, the properties of the current account can be passed to
the third-party application. This allows two different applications to seamlessly share information without re-entering the account, saving time and providing greater accuracy.


Policies within each module allow utilities to quickly tailor the module to their specific business requirements without changing the core application. Policies can quickly be set by a system administrator; allowing efficient tailoring of the application without recompiling. Policy information includes:

  • Company information.
  • User report and system log directory locations.
  • Provide masking of sensitive data.
  • Setting other application variables.

Access Multiple Sessions:

System Manager supports the ability for the application to connect to an unlimited number of databases. The system will validate user access rights for each database as well as all application security rights.